Rest & Restoration Organizations


Deer Ridge Ministries, Freeport, IL —We provide, by faith, excellent retreat facilities where pastors and spouses can rest and enjoy the presence of God without having to worry about any financial obligation.

Elim Retreats, Huron, MI—The mission of ELIM Retreat Ministries is to provide places and occasions for the spiritual debriefing, renewal, and pastoral care for the global worker. We believe that strengthened Christian workers result in fruitful and effective Kingdom work.

En Gedi Retreat, Yampa, CO—En Gedi Retreat is a free retreat home for pastors and missionaries. Many pastors and missionaries have come to the ranch for a much needed break and left rested, refreshed, and renewed.

Faith Mountain, Rosedale, WV—A retreat for Christians and their families. Special rates for pastors, missionaries and other Christian workers. Fully furnished cabins.

Genesee Home, Taylorsville, CA—A secluded retreat for clergy couples located in the Genesee Valley in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of northern California.  Genesee Home is committed to building up church ministry by enriching the lives of Pastors and their spouses. Genesee Home is a safe haven where Pastors can reflect upon their calling and rekindle relationships with both God and their spouses.


Life Impact, Sunriver, OR and Various Locations—We offer missionaries hosted facilities while they process their personal issues with us through coaching, counseling, and mentoring. Current facilities are in South Dakota, Slovakia and two locations in Oregon. Our website includes facilities specifically for rest and recreation, and other resources.

Makahiki Ministries, Mariposa, CA—Hospitality Homes International is our network of over 120 homes worldwide. We provide a rest and hospitality ministry for hundreds of Christian workers.

Missionary Retreat Fellowship, Inc., Poconos, PA—No counseling or therapy, just secluded houses for missionaries on furlough.

Mountain Top Retreat, Bozeman, MT —Rest and renewal for pastors, missionaries and their families.

Shelter Ministries, Black Forest, CO—We provide a place where missionaries can recover their energy and renew their vision; a place where they can reconnect as families, and linger with Jesus, so that He can meet with them and speak to their soul and spirit. It’s a safe place to rest, walk, pray, read, play with their kids, get re-acquainted with their spouse, evaluate, renew and regroup.



Alongside, Inc., Richland, MI—Alongside provides professional, spiritual, mental and emotional caregiving services to people in Christian ministry and their families including retreats offered monthly on the grounds of aconference center. All of the counselors have substantial experience living and serving overseas.

Blessing Ranch, New Port Richy, FL—Blessing Ranch offers structured or unstructured programs and exists to minister to ministers and other Christian leaders in need of restoration and renewal. Blessing Ranch exists to give leaders the blessing they need in their lives and ministries.

Caring for Others John Certalic, New Berlin, WI—Caring for Others exists for the purpose of spreading the gospel by increasing the effectiveness of missionaries and reducing their attrition. We do this by caring for the relational, emotional, and spiritual needs of Christian workers so they can spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ as effectively as possible, to as many as possible, for as long as possible.

Catalyst International, Ventura, CA—Refresh! is a retreat for singles, couples and families, focused on soul care, restoration, and the promotion of healthful living and serving. The program includes counseling, medical consultation, educational consultation, massage, childcare, meals and lodging. Full programs are provided for the unique needs of TCKs.

Charis, East, Wake Forest, NC and Charis, West, Eugene, OR—A nonprofit, nationwide ministry whose mission is to assist Christian leaders to experience renewal and direction through counseling, education and consultation.

The Cottage on Coronado Island, San Diego, CA—a counseling retreat for the personal, marital and family renewal of Christian leaders.

Emerge Ministries, Inc. Akron, OH—Provides confidential, compassionate, full-service Evangelical Christian outpatient mental health care for individual, marital, and family needs including a wide range of psychological counseling, therapy, testing, consultation, education, workshops and seminars.

Fairhaven, Roan Mountain, TN—They offer beautiful chalets for vacation, personal retreat, or professional counseling. Ministry marriage retreats offered during winter months.

Godspeed Missionary Care, Columbia, SC—Offering help to Evangelical missionaries who are hampered by emotional stress, situational conflict, or physical illness, to enable them to fulfill their mission and calling. Our staff can provide  comprehensive clinical assessment to determine the need for counseling and medical services.

Link Care Services, Fresno, CA—A counseling center, dedicated to the health and growth of the entire person, including psychological, emotional, intellectual, familial, cultural, and spiritual dimensions. They offer candidate assessment, consultation, seminars, re-entry services, and training courses.

Marble Retreat Center, Marble, CO—Marble Retreat Christian Counseling exists to bring healing and restore hope through Christ-centered brief intensive counseling for marriage issues, ministry problems, spiritual problems, grief & loss, stress, depression, anxiety and any other of life’s challenges.

Minnesota Renewal Center, Patrick Repp, St Paul, MN—We provide a comprehensive range of services in the areas of preparation, problem resolution, reconciliation, renewal, consultation and training. We serve ministers, missionaries, their families, and their churches, organizations and denominations.

Mountain Learning Center, June Lake, CA—We provide a mountain retreat for pastors and their spouses. A physically enjoyable, emotionally gratifying, and spiritually invigorating experience revitalizes their relationship with God, self, and others.

Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services, MI and IA—Pine Rest addresses a wide range of mental health needs of people in ministry, including depression, anxiety, and marital and family problems, as well as particular ministry stressors.

Potter’s Inn, Colorado Springs, CO—The Potter’s Inn is devoted to the work of spiritual formation. We do this in three ways: guided retreats for churches and organizations, Soul Care for individual leaders and spouses in business and ministry, and developing resources.

Restoring the Soul, Golden, Colorado—Restoring the Soul exists to provide life changing soul care to Christian leaders and the organizations where they serve. We accomplish this mission through providing Soul Care Intensives on sexual, relational, or ministry brokenness, counseling, and speaking engagements.

The Leadership Center, Wolfeboro, NH—TLC Retreats are offered to couples in full-time ministry to enable them to hear and reaffirm afresh God’s promises for rest in His presence and thus experience God’s power, protection, and direction in their families and in their ministry.



Bethany Ministries, Cheung Chau, Hong Kong—Bethany Ministries is a member care organization for Christians and their families serving the Lord. We are committed to providing rest, encouragement and restoration through appropriate physical, emotional, spiritual and counseling care.

Budapest Care Center, Budapest, Hungary—We are a non-profit counseling service offering mental health services to Christian workers living in Europe, Russia and Central Asia. Our primary work is short-term intensive counseling for adults and couples. The Budapest Care Center is committed to reducing the number of Christian workers that leave the field due to preventable problems, as well as strengthening leaders exhausted and overwhelmed from living in a foreign culture. Services and training are provided in English and Hungarian and are offered free of charge.

The Claybury Trust, Letchworth Garden City, Herts, UK—They provide training, consulting, counseling, and resources to ministers and their families.

Cornerstone Counseling Foundation, Chiang Mai, Thailand—We provide professional assessment and counseling for individuals, couples, and families, seminars, educational and psychological evaluations of children, crisis and trauma assessment, and training from a Christian perspective to those living in Thailand and throughout Asia.

The Juniper Tree Chiang Mai and Dolphin Bay, Thailand—We are an evangelical, non-denominational, charitable foundation, set up to provide places where individuals, couples or families can come to find physical and spiritual refreshment to enable them to return to their sphere of service.

The Well, Chiang Mai, Thailand—The Well provides preventative member care, seminars, and workshops. Services include counseling and pastoral care, leadership and organizational consultation, debriefing, conflict resolution, and team building.

Tumaini Counseling Centre, Nairobi, Kenya—“Tumaini,” the Swahili word for hope, is the name of the facility that provides counseling, psychiatric, and pastoral care services for AIM and WBTI missionaries, as well as missionaries from approximately 160 different mission organizations serving in East and Central Africa and beyond.

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