Conference Snapshot 2016

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Theme – PTM Conference 2016:

Boldly Waiting: A City That Is To Come

Main Conference

The PTM Conference Main Sessions kick off on Tuesday evening, October 4 and runs through Friday, October 7 at noon. You’ll start the conference worshiping with your friends and colleagues. You’ll be challenged and inspired as you hear from leaders and learn what’s next in member care. You’ll catch up with old friends and make new ones.  You’ll leave inspired, encouraged, and refreshed.

Main Sessions

In development.


Each afternoon, between Main Sessions, you can choose from Workshops designed to equip you with best practices in member care. This year we will offer two different formats for workshops:

Traditional Workshops—This is traditional workshop format in which your peers offer information and insights into relevant issues facing member care practitioners.

Special Interest Groups—This workshop option provides a more collaborative approach to current challenges and topics.  These are the topics and conversations that naturally come up over a cup of coffee—but addressed in a little more formal setting.  This is an opportunity for those conversations to get hands and feet put on them.  This is a place you can connect with people over topics that are important to you.

Everyone who comes to the discussion table brings something in their pocket—questions, insights, experiences—and they put it all on the table and examine the different pieces that everyone has brought.  You will walk away richer in relationships with others who have a common passion about member care.  You will walk away richer in resources—connected to organizations and people you may not have had a connection with before. Everyone will leave the table richer.

There will also be an opportunity at registration on the first day of the conference to submit topics.


The PTM Conference values networking and wants you to be able to reestablish relationships and build new ones.  We know that some of the best networking happens after hours.  At Ridgecrest Conference Center there are an abundance of nooks and crannies for you to sit down with someone to visit, pray, or connect.  You can have the choice of sitting in comfortable rockers overlooking the lovely scenery, grabbing a cup of coffee in the coffee shop, or a bowl of ice cream in the ice cream parlor.  You can sit by one of the many fireplaces or take a walk up to a scenic overlook.  Whatever or wherever you chose, make sure you make time to network with other participants this year!


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